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Ma  Musique...

has been singing since he was 4 years old. From religious songs for his parents’ house of worship, he would move on quickly to singing Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder at local talent shows, to much acclaim.

Throughout his career as an actor, Mr. Alexander always found time to get into the studio and record music. Having studied with some of the premiere voice teachers in New York; Mary Saunders (Hartt School), Liz Caplan, David Sabella (Chicago Revival), Marlon Saunders (Berkley College of Music), they gave him the expertise to expand from session singer, to in-studio vocal coach, and eventually vocal producer for such dance music luminaries as Junior Vasquez and DJ Gomi.

Having written music since the age of 6, Mr. Alexander has had his songs considered by a multitude of artists; from Blondie to Jennifer Hudson. Currently, his song GoGo 2021 (Shuffle Remix) is featured in the digital graphic novel Shuffle on Arledge Comics.



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